SSH Secure Shell v2.4 [4.9M] W9x/NT/2K FREE


Secure Shell (SSH) is in common use to perform remote system administration these days, and for good reason. When you're logging into a system as an administrator, protecting your security information is absolutely critical. Since I needed an SSH2-capable client today in order to work with a friend's Linux system from remote, featuring my choice here was a natural. SSH Secure Shell supports RSA SecurID, Kerberos 5, PAM, SSH2, SFTP2, SCP2 and SSH-KEYGEN2, which amounts to a whole ton of security. This thing is loaded with functionality, much of it I haven't even gotten around to using yet, so it promises to keep you busy for a while. The client is free for non-commercial use, but support is only provided for users that have purchased a license.


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